Pond Construction – Liners Vs Concrete

Many people are still searching the internet for information on how to build a waterfall or koi pond. Unfortunately, there is very little information regarding professional construction. There are thousands of websites involved in marketing pond products to uninformed and unsuspecting customers.

The majority of these sites promote and advocate the use of rubber pond liners. Why? Because they sell them. Rubber liners are profitable, primarily because of the add-on products related to the pond liner industry. For example, when you construct your pond using a pond liner, you have no choice but to buy all of the related accessories such as a biofilter, special skimmers and drains, and the large variety of energy-sucking, inefficient, short-lived sump pumps.

Rarely do pond liner dealers or installers tell you the whole truth about the unpredictability of liners and sump pumps. Rarely do they acknowledge the truth about the vulnerability of liners after they are installed – whether it be attacks by rats, mice, ground squirrels, gophers, chipmunks or the sharp claws of animals that can puncture the liner in their attempt to get out of the pond after accidentally or purposely entering it. Animals burrow under the liner through the easy access of the loose rocks piled around the pond and waterfall. Against the coolness of the liner, they build their nests and raise their families that can then chew holes in the liner.

Over the past twenty years I have replaced countless leaky waterfalls and ponds constructed using rubber liners with concrete and rebar construction. In thirty years of building over 2,000 waterfalls and ponds, I have never had one crack or leak.

Liner advocates tell you their liner has a thirty to forty year warranty, but fail to mention it is against factory defects only. They don’t mention the other issues like rodents, heavy rocks stretching and ripping the liner, and damage from children with sharp sticks or garden utensils. I’ve seen it all!

Many water garden contractors will misrepresent the liner as the best construction material by saying concrete is expensive and it cracks. Yes, that is true, if you don’t build it properly using 3500 psi concrete and rebar 8 to 10 inches on center. Plus, they say the alkali poisons the water. That is true only if you don’t seal the concrete with a sealer after it is poured. Concrete construction costs 20-25% more than a liner, but it lasts for decades. You only have to replace one liner for the concrete pond to cost considerably less in the long run. In the past five years there have been scores of lawsuits against pond liner contractors and their clients win every time.

Why The Carwash Industry is Stagnant; What You Can Do to Change Your Field

Many years ago, I had warned the carwash industry of problems brewing in customer dissatisfaction as we continued to grow our car wash company into a National Franchise Chain. I warned of environmental controls, speed of wash, water usage, quality of labor, price points, car wash fundraisers, car damage, up selling and hot wax. At that time I was called everything under the Sun by operators who did not wish to change.Today, just over a five years later those changes are coming about. The ICA, International Carwash Association has sponsored training on saving water due to drought situations in North America. Many large consolidating Car Wash Companies such as Mister Carwash have adopted 5 minute wash policies, no waiting or bottleneck traffic flows, flex service with no upsell and responsible employee policies. Other Car Wash chains such as WashDepot, Mace Holdings, CarSpa, Splash . As a matter of fact this years listing of the Power Inc. Car Wash Survey shows that nearly all of the top 50 consolidated carwashes in North America have adopted 5 or more of Mr. Winslow’s challenges of past year. Nearly all of these companies have adopted safer car wash chemical procedures, water saving systems and community volunteerism. Other major players have adopted incredible standards in Image like SuperWash Franchise Systems.
At the time many in the Industry jeered my comments such as Industry Leader, John Moran who said in an article with Professional Car Washing and Detailing Magazine;”What world do you live in? Surely not the same as the rest of us? What you are describing is a Utopian fantasy. Why don’t you open up one of these full serve car washes and call it, The Utopian Fantasy Car Wash. Please show all of us moron’s how it is done. By the way do you ever sleep, or do you stay up all night dreaming this stuff up?”But never the less the challenge is being met due to the vision of our founder to deliver to the customers, that which they desire, we were right and saw the future others did not. Even more interesting was this announcement that the major industry magazine was not only adopting the community based car washing, but sponsoring a non-profit group to do charity carwashes nationwide.http://www.carwash.com/news.asp?mode=4&N_ID=33110They are now the official sponsors of WashUSA. Even the ICA and WCA, which in 2000 made it a point to try to limit or have carwash fundraisers from kids groups banned due to the fact it was costing them business, have dropped those efforts. They were using tactics similar to that of the Sierra Club to curtail the fundraisers claiming violations of 13.260 of California Water Code in Southern CA, Fish and Game in Puget Sound region of Washington State and Federal Clean Water Act in other parts of the country. This made for a consumer backlash. Meanwhile our company was being awarded for our assistance to the common good;1.) Recognized by the City of Los Angeles2.) Recognized by the EPA in an official Document Online3.) Forming a Strategic Alliance with InfoSports Online, the number one youth sports website4.) Recognized by the State of Washington in Puget Sound Region5.) Helping Inner City Kids raise money for travels and education6.) Diligent and Continued EffortsOur company and our company alone, along with the vision of our team has brought about great and positive changes in the Car Wash Industry and we will continue to peddle past the name calling in search of our victory in the market. It is for that reason we have forced others to adapt to a higher standard or exit the market place. Today nearly every major Car Wash Association in the US is sponsoring or calling for some type of charity car wash fundraisers to help the youth of our country grow up to be hard working and good citizens to lead our future.As a matter of fact in a brash and challenging way we have systematically changed the industry into our image and we have uplifted the dirty image of the former car wash industry adding a larger customer base for us along with all other market participants. Yes we have helped eliminate a few through these market demands, however the consumer is thankful for the changes as they vote with their dollars to more frequent car washing at professional car washes. The rest of the industry which are willing to follow the new higher standard are doing fine still. Today Wash Guys belong to no Car Wash Associations, we just command them to see our will for the benefit of the consumer, environment and future success of the industry, and to think that most of this started with a kid washing airplanes, who eventually wrote the book on Community Based Car Wash Fundraisers, as good clean fun to unite young and old, teach respect and service and raise millions of dollars a year cleaning the World one car at a time, with the help of thousands of Industry Active Car Wash Owners across this Great Nation.Today all 50 of the top car wash chains in the Nation subscribe to more than half of our original initiatives and proposed industry changes of May of 2001. We are watching as the winners and losers in the market place are now separated by only these upgrades in the industry. We are now working on raising the bar in January of 2003 as soon as the market leaders catch up to all 12 of our visions for the industry. We have single handedly brought awareness to the entire industry through our challenging of old thought processes and conventional wisdom. We will continue to change, modify and up lift this industry for the betterment of all.This proves when your mission is noble and you commit to go the distance you will always win in the end. We win Again, thank you Team. Now my question for the reader; What industry are you in? What have you done to improve that industry? What have you done to set yourself apart from the mediocrity? Think about it.

How to Make the Most Out of Industrial Auction

Industrial auctions may seem more like a normal thing, especially, during the times of economic downfall. This is because a great number of industries have begun to take some drastic actions in an attempt to minimize the impact on the industry. It is a fact, that every company desires to avoid the downsizing but a lot of them are also compromising, only to maintain the overall profitability of their business. Industrial auctions offer a way to not only to make a profit but it also allows the companies to cut down the running cost of the equipments.There are several reasons why a company may attend an industrial auction. Financial problems and lurking difficulties can be a reason for holding an industrial auction because most businesses or industries undergo difficult times and put up auctions that are influenced by impulsive panic. It’s important for companies to never to fall into this trap. However, the owner of a company has to make a decision about whether to go for an industrial auction or not and they need to think about all the possible reasons for it as well as any alternative options. It is best to take some time out to list the equipments which are not in use anymore. Making the decision about hosting an auction in this manner would help the owner avoid an “undue auction” and therefore they would also be able to put the right products for the auction.It may also help to plan properly. Instead of putting planning aside, the owner should take the appropriate time out to plan everything about the industrial auction before the due date. They would need to figure out the appropriate auction style for their industry, as well as the type of vehicles or equipment that the business intends to put up for auction. They may also choose to do this auction online or at a physical location. If a business chooses the online auction option, one advantage they are going to get is that they get to escape the transportation hassle and gain comparatively large exposure to the consumers. Therefore, planning before the due date of auction may avoid any unexpected problems at the last hour.The business also needs to consider whether the auction is going to be specialized or private. If a company owns a large number of vehicles or equipment put up for auction, hosting a private competitive auction may be a better choice. Through this, the company will also be able to exercise greater control over the auction process. Moreover, they must also be well aware of the strategies of the auctioneer that they plan to hire to conduct the industrial auction. The strategies must be in correspondence with the business type.On the other hand, if a company wants to choose the specialized competitive auction option, they would require transportation of all the heavy equipments to the site of the auction. They may also try considering various auctions organizing companies that specialize in a particular type of equipment. Auction companies that have the right amount of experience may be successful at attracting the right number of bidders for the industrial auction.In addition to all these aspects, the owner must also provide the accurate documents and photos of products for the benefit of the customers.So these aspects can help a company host an industrial auction and sell off any equipment that may not be needed to any potential customers and buyers.

Industrial Floor Coatings – Making the Right Choice

The majority of people take for granted how industrial floor coatings my affect their lives. Chances are these people perceive that such products have no relation with them. However, the fact is that such floors have not remained confined to industrial environments yet can be seen even in the most common place like your garage. If you are a business owner, chances are you might want to apply floor coatings at your business premises to protect and extend the life of your garages and floors. In this article, we will cover most options within the sector of commercial floor coatings with a brief overview of the different types of coatings used in various types of commercial floors.Floors are obviously essential for buildings as they provide the ability to build multiple levels and give a proper structure to the buildings. Hence, it has become the prime duty of both industrial and commercial owners to protect the floors from causing damage by applying the most suitable type of floor coating. Currently, industrial owners are using various types of coatings to ensure protection of their floors. Ceramic based, Polyurethane based and Epoxy based coatings have become the most popular among worldwide industries due to their suitability, durability and protection. These coatings are most commonly referred to as Commercial Floor Coatings or Industrial Floor Coatings.First, Epoxy Coatings are quite popular and available to us in wide range of colors and finishes. In addition, industrial business owners can use such coatings in wide range of applications. Epoxy is considered one of the Thermosetting Polymers, which consists of two parts, most commonly referred to as Polyamide and Epoxide Resin. In recent years, epoxy coatings have become perhaps the most popular choice for commercial floor coatings as they can create highly durable surfaces, which possesses very high value of resistance against traffic and abuse. Epoxy coatings are available to purchasers in various attractive colors, are highly resistant to rust and waterproof to different types of chemicals such as acids oils and water. You can easily apply any of the Epoxy coatings to uneven, rough and broken floors, where it not only acts as a coating, but also as a filler. As many industries have concrete floors, Epoxy paints have become quite suitable for application directly on top of the floor surface.Second, Polyurethane is one of the harder and more durable substances used as industrial floor coatings. This substance is more or less similar to Epoxy paints, however, when the coatings of polyurethane are subjected to intense heat or shock, it can split or fracture easily, leaving white patches on the floors. One of the negative attributions of traditional polyurethane is that it contains a toxic substance called isocyanates. Isocyanates have been known to cause various health complication including nausea, asthma and in certain cases even death. As such, polyurethane is now being fazed out of production throughout the Unites States and Europe.Besides Epoxy and Polyurethane coatings, newer more effective solutions have arisen including Green Polyurethane, which is a non-toxic form of polyurethane that costs less to produce than its traditional counterpart and has greater strength and permeability properties. The Environmental Protection Agency of the Unites States and European Environmental agencies are both helping in a major transition from toxic to a non-toxic based polyurethane solution. Given its superior strength, lower cost and multiple colors to choose from Green Polyurethane could be the choice of the future for industrial and commercial floor coating.